Create a Password for your USB

BitLocker is a full disk encryption feature that comes free with Windows operating systems, it is designed to help protect your data in all your drives. From USB’s to local disks, and if you have partitioned your drives, the new volume drive too.

However it should be noted that I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE IT ON YOUR MP3 PLAYER OR ANY OTHER MUSIC ONLY PLAYING DEVICES (I tried it on my MP3 player and on my way to school I wanted to play music, it was all encrypted, I had to decrypt it first but the files were intact. So let’s get started.

  1. Click the start button and then search “BitLocker Drive Encryption” This is the shorter way, you can still find it if you go to control panel. Double click on it1 Search bit.png
  2. All you drives will show here, make sure your USB is plugged in before opening the program, now choose the drive you want to encrypt. I have chosen drive “G:”2 choose drive to encrypt.png
  3. The next screen will prompt you to choose unlock method, for now lets choose password, and type in that password (Remember that Password Yo will use it to unlock your drive every time).3 select password.png
  4. On the next screen I would suggest you save that recovery key as a text file, and store it somewhere not on that drive. You will use it some day when you forgot your password to recover that password.4 choose recover key method.png
  5. Choose a folder to save your recover key5 save recovery.png
  6. This is what your recovery key looks like, but yours will be different.6 recovery key.png
  7. Next screen click on start Encryption, you might want to move all your files in your USB to your computer before encryption because it will lessen the encryption time, and move them back when you are done with encryption. But if you are encrypting you local disk, grab  pop corns cause you will be there for a while 🙂7 start encryption.png
  8. After the encryption has finished, this is what you will see the next time you try accessing files on that USB. Depending on your trust issues you can check the block where it says” Automatically unlock drive on this computer” then only that computer will not require password to unlock it, other computers will have to get in line for the password.8 enter password to open drive.png


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