Easy access to all Chrome Passwords

Every time you logged on to Facebook, or any account on a website for that matter using Chrome or other browsers that haven’t been invented yet(I.E) you will get a pop up asking you to  save your password for easy login later, if you are certain that you are the only person who uses that computer well then good, go love your family or do something heart warming, but if not, well read up (meant to say listen up),  DON’T EVER SAVE PASSWORDS ON AN INTERNET BROWSER. Here is why, I will take you through decryption of chrome password encryption, it is so easy you won’t believe your marbles.

  1. Head over to settings1 settings.png
  2. Scroll down and click Show Advanced settings2.show advance settings.png
  3. Click on Manage Passwords3manage passwords.png
  4. From here you can see all saved passwords, and to see beyond the dots or starts click on “Show” and if you the person clicking show on your computer knows your password for the computer, all your online Passwords will be easy pickings4enter computer pass.png
  5. I know it looks a bit secure right? If you don’t share your user’s passwords you safe right? Well no. and here is why and how, choose the account you want to see the password in plain text. Logging into that site, it is not hard just click on next, Password already saved.4.5relogin.png
  6. After click next, you will see the password in dots (encrypted), highlight the password and then right click.6high light passwordinspect element.png
  7. Now the fun stuff, click on Inspect. If you are using other browser it might be “Inspect  element info” And here is what you should see. Your focus area is the red box.7double click on password.png
  8. Leave everything as it is but double on the password, next to “type=”8change type.png
  9. Change “Password” to ” text” and press entertype text and press enter.png
  10. And finally all your passwords out there for anyone to play around with, online life ruined and the pain and the man hours of starting over again, just DON’T SAVE PASSWORDS AND TEMPT PEOPLE.dadada password.png

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