How to download movies/series/games/books using Torrent

  1. First step, downloading and installing utorrent. This software is for free (freeware) if you are requested to pay registration fees it is a scam, this will depend on whether you downloaded it from its developers website or not. Download the software here Download uTorrent this link leads to the developers website.
  2. After the download has completed, double-click on the software to begin installation. Note the software should have the same color and icon as the one shown on the image below.manual31
  3. When the install wizard (Dumbledore) pop ups, you wanna keep clicking next leaving everything checked except for downloading BitTorrent, that is another story for another day.install2.png
  4. Once installation is complete you should see this home page, there are no torrents been downloaded currently. To add torrents there are two ways. I will start with the new and quicker way using a magnetic link.torrent-homepage.png
  5. Many popular websites have a magnetic link download. A magnetic link is found under or next to a file you want to download, and guess what the icon looks like, yup, a magnet. You click on the red magnet icon and it launches utorrrent automatically.  Click on download manual1.png
  6. After clicking on download, the following pop up shows, click on the magnet to add using magnetic link.magnet1.png
  7. The website will ask for your permission to carry out the behind the curtain stuff like launching utorrent, click on launch applicationmagnet2.png
  8. After that, the last thing you need to grant permission for, is confirming which files you want to download (green box), i.e, covers for movies, subtitles and the actual video, you can uncheck stuff you do not want to download. Choose a download folder, the blue box, default is your “Downloads” folder. And click on the red box to start download.manual5.png
  9. You can track the progress of your downloads here.manual6
  10. Now adding torrents manually for websites that do not have a magnetic link. First go to your home in torrent, do not panic there is no button for home, just launch the software. Next go to your website/file you want to download. Click on download magnet2aaaa.png
  11. The following file will be downloaded in your downloads or wherever you set your default download folder to be.manual2.png
  12. Now go to your utorrent, click on the “+” or if you hover over it, it will tell you add torrent.manual31.png
  13. The following window will pop up, click on the file in your downloads or wherever it is downloaded and also click open in the red box.manual4.png
  14. From here you can follow steps 9-10. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “How to download movies/series/games/books using Torrent”

    1. Most campus WIFI’s block torrents, but it is not all of them, in my campus the library and University buildings blocked torrent downloads but the WIFI from the food court did not. And yes, LAN torrent is blocked.


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